Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lost giveth and Lost taketh away

"You see what I like about this elevator ride is stuff is actually happening. Unlike your show where stuff only pretends to happen." -Fred Armisen, poking fun at Lost

Today's Current Quote comes from a Saturday Night Live sketch during Matthew Fox's episode on Dec. 2. The "Lost in an Elevator" sketch poked fun at Lost fans, the writers and the basic x-Files-ish quagmire into which the show has plunged recently: giving the viewers answers we didn't ask for, retracting revelations that we relished, and spinning out six episodes that tell one episode's worth of plot progression.
Fred Armisten's line made me laugh, and that's saying a lot, because Lost's failings aside, have you sat through a whole episode of SNL lately? Yikes-Talk about writing problems-even the Matthew Fox episode suffered from the when-are-they-going-to-end-this-joke-because-it-wasn't-funny-the-first-three-seconds syndrome.
I sincerely hope that Lost's writers just went on hiatus for six episodes and hired the likes of Lorne Michaels and co. to write season 3a because the freshness and vitality that was there in the first two seasons has been replaced by cliche, crappy dialogue, and the beating of dead horses.
To save this show I think they need to (among other things):
1-Shake up their storytelling method. Ditch the flashbacks for a few episodes and plow into some serious plot pushing. They need to get this show moving ahead.
2-Kill or otherwise write those two extras-turned-protagonists out of the show. I don't even know their names after three episodes. Every moment of screentime they've sapped has totally wrecked my suspension of disbelief.
3-Devote less time to the Kate-Sawyer-Jack triangle.
Any other ideas?

If you'd like to see the elevator sketch go to:
They have a link on the page to download the sketch.

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