Thursday, February 12, 2009


Welcome to the first edition of Destructive Interference. Please take your time with the material presented before forming knee-jerk reactions. It is not my intent that you enjoy this blog in the way we might enjoy a movie or a magazine, but to challenge us all (myself included) to examine our practices of receiving and spreading information.

This is not meant to be consumable information, but hopefully the kind that will inspire contemplation, research, and interaction. For too long we have been guilty of receiving information rather than gathering it, and we, the people, have not only succumbed to the manipulations of the three branches of our government, but also to the manipulations of the fourth estate, the press.

I believe the press is corrupted by the dictates of not only its advertisers and its underwriters, but also by its ever-increasing dedication to entertaining its audience and by its myopic concern for the immediate and perennial present.

I believe the blogosphere with all its imperfections is a positive development, but one that, if unchecked, will ultimately be co-opted by the same system it has sought to bypass.

I believe that hope for this world must involve its citizens, not merely its leaders, and in order for us to contribute to the truly good, we must have a better approximation of truth.

I appreciate your input. This is only a first effort and will require much improvement.

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