Tuesday, March 06, 2007

City Pier March 2

The surf was pretty impressive on Friday. I put a little video together from the footage I got.


Rob Cole said...

Most excellent blog. I found it while searching for Page's blog as well. I am enjoying your discussion on goverment philosophy and religion. Page and I have been attending Jenks Ave Church of Christ recently and have found it to be both educational and refreshing. Would love to see you, Melissa, and Satya when you guys have time. Check out Page's blog at http://www.robandpage.blogspot.com/
Take care!

Page Cole said...

Hey Ford...robbie emailed me your blog, and I couldn't agree more with your take on government. i took the politcal quiz you linked in an earlier blog and also was shown to be a libertarian. have you ever listened to neil boortz? i did when i was in g-ville but not sure if he has a station here in pc...anyhow, great blog and like robbie said, we would love to see you guys!